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Personalized Chocolate Coins

Starting at $0.17 per coin

Our delicious and smooth Belgian Chocolate Coins will be the canvas for your next Chocolate Masterpiece. Add your message, image or logo to produce stunning Custom Chocolate Coins. Choose between Milk, Dark Mint and Dark Chocolate with vivid foil colors. Size: 1.5”

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Personalized Chocolate Poker Chips

Starting at $0.17 per coin

These Custom Chocolate Casino Chips are a sure bet! They come in an assortment of 6 colors made with our decadent Belgian Milk Chocolate and we emboss them with your unique creation. Perfect for Vegas Weddings, Trade Shows and Casino Parties!Size: 1.5”

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Large Chocolate Coins

Starting at $1.45 per coin

Our Chocolate Medallions are our most stunning piece of chocolate. Write your message or add your logo and we will mold it into chocolate. The Large Custom Chocolate Coins are foiled in Gold, Silver, Red or Blue. Size: 2.875”

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Ready-to-go Chocolate Coins

Starting at $0.14 per coin

Are you out of time? Can’t wait? Try our Ready-to-go Chocolate Coins that ship the next business day. They are made with the same delicious Belgian Chocolate and come in a wide variety of designs and foil colors.

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Choose your Celebration

Personalized chocolates are a great give-away for any special event. Be it a birthday, a special anniversary, or even a graduation, chocolate gifts can definitely make the event more amazing and memorable. After all, everyone loves chocolates; and what better way to give them out than to have them brandishing your own designs?

Custom Chocolate Gold Coins Favors

Custom chocolate coins are a crowd favourite. Party hosts will adore having these personalized gold coins as part of their parties as they can fit various motifs and themes. They can fill a treasure chest in a treasure hunt party, or they can simply cover the expanse of the whole buffet table for a more formal event. Gold chocolate coins will help give color and accent to your party theme, and they will help make the event look more extravagant and sophisticated. You can order custom chocolate chocolate coins bulk so that you have enough of them to serve as decoration and also to be given as party favors to all the guests at your party.

For those who want to have personalized chocolate coins, here are some ideas of what to have printed or engraved on the coin wrapper or on the chocolate itself.

  1. Special messages
  2. Face of the celebrant
  3. Icon or Logo of the event-holder
  4. Images to signify the event
  5. A combination of images and texts to bring a message across

Chocolate Gelt

Aside from chocolate coins, other forms of chocolate gelt or chocolate money can also be made to order. These customized chocolates are popular, especially during Hanukkah where children are given small chocolate coins to help them get into the spirit of the holidays. You can customize dark chocolate coins or milk chocolate coins, or simply get a combination of both. You can purchase these chocolate coins in bulk and hand them out piece by piece, or you can wrap them up in some unique packaging such as mesh bags to make them more fun and easier to hand out.

Prized Medallions

Feel like making everyone a winner? Why not hold challenges or games and give these chocolate medallions as prizes? Delicious chocolates made into medallions are the perfect gift to tell someone that they have done a job well. It allows great efforts and talents to be recognized, and it also makes it more fun to give the chocolates out in this way. Every medallion is special and can be custom-made to hold inspirational messages or graphics. You can also have them wrapped in different colored foils to show that each medallion is different from the others. As with other customized chocolates, these medallion treats can be made with dark, milk, or white chocolate to suite everyone's tastes.

Chocolate Coins Online

The easiest way to find a seller for customized chocolate coins is to search online. There are quite a handful of businesses that make it their mission to provide the best custom-made chocolates possible. Most of them provide products that are made from only the best quality Belgian chocolates, while others make use of known brands such as Hershey's, Cadbury, and Ghirardelli. You can always choose from a wide selection of designs, wrappers, and bags to make sure that the chocolates provide the best impressions possible.

I wanted to thank you for our chocolate coins, not only are they amazing, but also came right on time for our event, as you promised. Thanks for making them so quickly

- Laurie McDunn - Boise, ID

Our Custom Chocolate Casino Chips were a big hit in our trade show in Vegas last week, I wish I had ordered more. I will order again for the next trade show in November. Our logo looks so great on the chips!

- Rita Miller - Arlington, VA

I lived in Holland for 5 years and I can tell you that your chocolate tastes just as good or even better than my favorite chocolates there. I am very happy with our purple chocolate coins, they are so cute. I know they will be a great favor for my wedding

- Anna Latuscek - Pittsburgh, PA