Buying Chocolate Coins Online

The internet is rich with manufacturers and wholesalers making and selling large chocolate coins. Truth be told, there are very few ‘real’ manufacturers of chocolate coins and poker chips. Most online sources are wholesalers or ‘middlemen’ as they may be called. Companies purchase mass volumes of chocolate coins from manufacturers and resell them to consumers around the globe.


That being said, no two retailers are alike and there are some things that must be taken into consideration when purchasing chocolate coins for your celebration or event.


  • The Chocolate Quality: Raw chocolate used to make chocolate coins can differ between sources. This can be measured on a scale of utterly horrible to outstanding. Despite what you may read, there is no such thing as ‘Belgian-like’ chocolate. Chocolate either is or isn’t 100% Belgian. There is a very noticeable difference in texture, appearance and, most importantly, taste.
  • Company Contact: There are a ton of family-operated and smaller scale businesses making chocolate, and there is nothing saying that these businesses are less worthy based on their size alone. However, how easy is it to contact someone from the company? Are they reachable via phone when you need to speak with them? How quickly do they respond?
  • Your Event is Important, Does the Company View it as Such?: Whether you are purchasing chocolate coins as wedding favors for your upcoming nuptials or as theme décor for your son’s big pirate themed birthday party, your event is important and should be viewed as such by the company you choose to purchase your chocolate from. Select a company that wants to work with you and pays attention to the little details.
  • Fast Turnaround after Ordering: It is crucial that your chocolate coin order arrives prior to the start of your engagement. A day, or even an hour, late simply will not work. IS the company capable of accommodating a rapid turnaround time? Do you ever wonder why companies will sometimes say that a 10 day turnaround is necessary (for production purposes)? This is because they are not making the chocolate themselves and need to wait for deliver – sounds fresh, right?
  • Satisfaction Guarantees: The best companies have no problem standing behind their products or services. What is the procedure if you are not happy with the product you receive? What if your coins are damaged when they arrive?


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