How to Avoid Going Overboard on Wedding Favors

Ask anyone who has ever had to (or soon has to) plan a wedding and they will tell you that money is the one thing that they wish they had more of. And, with a rise in viewership of shows about dresses, ‘Bridezilla’s, and over-the-top celebrations that rival those of the largest Hollywood stars it is no wonder that the average wedding has grown into a main event that costs upwards of $50K.


When you consider things like invitations, catering, hall rentals, wedding officiates, dresses, floral arrangements, décor and entertainment the cost of a wedding can really add up. With all of this to take care of, the last thing any soon-to-be married couple wants to spend any more money on is wedding favors. Wedding favors are an often over looked necessity, a small token of appreciation for guests who have shared their time and showered the newlywed couple with affection and gifts.


Do you really need to spend a lot on wedding favors?


When it comes to wedding favors, how much do you really need to spend? Items like wines, candles and decorative vases can add up quickly, especially when you start to factor in additional items like tulle, ribbon, glue and other things. While these things may seem reasonable for smaller or more intimate weddings, for venues with a large number of guests costs can very easily become unmanageable.


There are a few ways to provide wedding guests with meaningful wedding favors without breaking the bank, making it possible to reduce costs without detracting from the services.


Low cost wedding favor ideas


Deciding to keep costs low sometimes means having to do the project yourself. Creative ways to show appreciation to wedding guests include the following:



Many of the abovementioned items can be easily procured from dollar stores, discount stores, party stores or wholesale chocolate coin makers. Keep in mind, however, that if chocolate is going to be given as a gift it should be purchased from a high quality manufacturer.


Other options for wedding favors include packages of flower seeds nested nicely in a decorative pot or a donation to a preferred charity. There are many different options.


With a little research and some effort, wedding favors can be memorable, unique and classy without costing a small fortune.

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