Milk Chocolate Coins – Something to Remember

If you are planning a special event, you want everything to be perfect. This includes things like party favors and mementos. When you need something with universal appeal (which is virtually fool- chocolate coins might be the perfect choice. In fact, many people are going with milk chocolate coins customized for their events, and here is an example.


Fred and Katie are planning a wedding and reception. Fred is not too interested in things like favors and decorations but Katie would like this day to be one to remember. She went to a lot of trouble to find an experienced photographer with a great reputation. Katie talked to a local wedding planner to get ideas for themes and decorations.


When it came to choosing favors for the reception, Katie was torn between several decisions. Katie loved personalized coasters but she also wanted special candles for the guests. However, she needed something everyone would like and appreciate. While she was thinking about it, Fred entered the room and offered a suggestion.


“Everyone loves chocolate. How about chocolate coasters or candles?” Fred told her. Katie knew Fred was only joking but it gave her an excellent idea. She went to her laptop and looked up “chocolate wedding favors” and came across a website selling personalized milk chocolate coins.


Fred looked stunned when Katie thanked him and said she was going to use his suggestion. She then checked out all the available coins, medallions, and other items made from high quality Belgium chocolate. This was the solution to her problem. Needless to say, the milk chocolate coins with the words, “Thanks for sharing our special day” were a big hit with all the guests.


Why Chocolate Coins for a Wedding?


Maybe you haven’t thought about providing something like milk chocolate coins at a wedding reception. This is one of the reasons the idea is unique. However, this idea is gaining in popularity these days. Here are some good reasons to serve chocolate favors at your special event:


  • Most people enjoy the taste of chocolate
  • Chocolate makes you feel good
  • Your favor will not be thrown away
  • People will associate your event with something pleasurable
  • Milk chocolate coins can be customized in a variety of ways, making them one of the most versatile selections you can choose.

Get the Best


When you shop for your favors, make sure to buy high quality chocolate. This means, you shouldn’t go with the cheapest option. Besides, there’s no reason to buy cheap chocolate when you get some of the best tasting milk chocolate coins at reasonable prices, from Chocolate Coinz.


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