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Bring Vegas Home with a Casino-themed Party

While heading to Sin City for your next birthday or bachelorette party might seem like a grand idea, the expense and time required for travelling and staying in one of the most expensive cities in America might not exactly be in the cards, pun intended.

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Chocolate Coins The Most Affordable Chocolate Promotional Product


A Funky Pirate Themed Party for Adults

There is no written rule stating that themed birthday parties need to be strictly reserved for tweens and teens. Getting older doesn’t mean having to ‘grow up and be boring.’ Adults deserve fun times and a little excitement in their lives. Every booty-loving, rum swigging adult deserves a pirate themed party (complete with maidens and planks and alcoholic beverages, of course).

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Chocolate Coins: Great for Every Occasion

Chocolate coins no longer need be reserved solely for the holiday. Chocolate coins and chocolate casino chips are available in a large variety of customizations, making them a suitable addition to nearly every event and occasion.

Here are 8 innovative and enjoyable ways to incorporate chocolate coins into your next gathering or celebration.

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Is It Possible To Buy Wholesale Chocolate Coins Online?

At one time, most people would not be able to buy wholesale chocolate coins anywhere – let alone online. This was not because the internet and e-commerce had not yet been invented. It was simply because trade in general was more structured. This applied to most things but chocolate coins make as good an example as any.
In those days, someone manufactured the chocolate coins which they would then sell to another company known as a wholesaler. The wholesaler would then sell to the retailer who operated the shops where people could buy their chocolate coins at the retail price. This was, obviously, a higher price than that for wholesale chocolate coins which, in turn was higher than the manufacturer’s price.
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Do Chocolate Gold Coins Contain Any Real Gold?

Although gold is a precious metal, it is possible to eat some gold. Not actually large solid pieces but gold flakes and foils can be ingested in combination with something more edible. This may be in the form of a liquid such as gold leaf in a liqueur or a fine powder sprinkling on something solid such as a fancy confectionery.

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Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate Coins?

Frankly, I cannot think of anyone who has any serious objections to Chocolate Coins – we all like, if not actually love, chocolate and a chocolate coin is simply another form of chocolate treat. If chocolate lovers have any negative thoughts about chocolate coins it is only that other forms of chocolate are easier to get into your mouth and provide a bigger volume of chocolate with a wider variety of flavors.

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Why Would You Want To Buy Chocolate Coins In Bulk?

Christian tradition links chocolate coins to gifts given to children on St. Nicholas Day (December 6th in the Gregorian calendar). However, for most people in the West, the coins are now given at Christmas time. The gelt given to Jewish children at Hanukah is also in the form of chocolate coins. Since we tend to discourage our children from eating too many candies, why would we need to purchase our Chocolate Coins In Bulk?

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What Are Candy Coins?

One thing that they are not is the small change in your pockets that you might use to buy candy with. According to Webster’s; a candy is simply a sweet food made with sugar or chocolate; however, like so many all embracing generic terms, reality is never quite that simple.

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Personalized Party Favors: All the casino party supplies you’ll ever need

Casino-themed parties are becoming very popular these days. Whether it is a wedding, engagement, birthday, christening, thanksgiving, prom, or a fundraising corporate event, casino night is now beginning to be a classic. However, the thing is, these types of gatherings are only as good as the atmosphere you can create.

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