Plan Your Casino Party with Chocolate Poker Chips

Would you like to have a party but aren’t quite sure what kind of theme to go with? How about a casino night party? This can be a big hit and everyone will want to get involved. Plus, when you add delicious and attractive chocolate poker chips, things can only get better. Here are some tips for planning a casino party, everyone is sure to enjoy.


Fancy or Casual


Do you want a party where everyone dresses up and fancy drinks are served? A casino party might not be the best idea (unless it’s a fund raiser). This is a time for guests to relax and cut loose and when they are casually dressed, they will have more fun.


Casual dress does not have to mean sloppy. You can request your guests to dress in nice clothes to give the event some class. For example, the slogan, “no shirt, no shoes, no service” is a good rule of thumb. You could ask the men to wear shirts with collars and the women to dress smartly.




You’ll want to have some authentic casino tables. Check with a local party rental service. You can find special black jack tables, poker tables, and many other supplies.




You will need dealers for your casino night. This means you may need to hire professionals. If your budget is tight, talk to people you know, willing to be dealers for some kind of compensation.


No Stakes Play


Chocolate poker chips are an excellent choice for your party. They are a lot of fun and of course they are also edible. You can use yourchocolate casino chips as party favors if you like, or they can be the actual casino chips for the event. In fact, you might want to buy some chocolate coins in the form of silver dollars. Your poker chips can be customized in a number of fun ways, also. You can give each guest so many to play with, but maybe your guests are real gamblers and want to play for money.


The Bank


When playing for real stakes, someone must be the bank and this person sells chips to the party participants. You can use chocolate poker chips or chocolate coins, and you’ll want to make sure the denominations are very clear before your event begins, to help avoid confusion.


Have Fun


Take plenty of time to plan your event. Try to think of everything which can go wrong, and plan a solution ahead of time. If you serve alcohol, don’t let anyone drive away from the party intoxicated, and make sure everyone is aware of this rule. In fact, you might mention it in the invitations.

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