Why Buy Chocolate Coins in Bulk?

Chocolate coins are a popular choice for party favors and special events. However, they also make great promotional items. There is something about chocolate which makes you feel good and this feeling can be transferred to the products or services you wish to promote. When you buy your coins, it’s a good idea to shop online and purchase chocolate coins in bulk, and here are some reasons why.


Purchase Price


Most people are aware you can get lower prices when you buy things in bulk. But why is this true? It all boils down to mathematics and profits. Here is an example.


Suppose you have thousands of products to sell at 50 cents each. Each item costs you 15 cents to produce (including overhead costs). At 50 cents you can make 35 cents profit on each item and if you sold 1000 products to 10 customers, you would make $350 minus shipping costs (which you can add to the purchase price).


Now suppose you sell 1000 products to one person at 45 cents each. This saves the customer $50. You make 30 cents each and a total of $300 profit. However, you may save more than $50 in employee labor costs. It takes time to fill orders and ship them separately. So when selling items like chocolate coins in bulk, it can benefit both seller and buyer. You as the seller can actually make more money while charging lower prices.


This example is a conservative estimate. For instance, at present, if you order personalized chocolate coins in bulk from Chocolate Coinz you can save as much as 40 cents per coin. This is a substantial savings over placing smaller orders.


Promotional Events


If you are thinking of a business promotion, chocolate coins or poker chips are excellent choices. When you buy from us, the more you order, the more you save, and this continues up to six thousand coins. However, suppose you only plan to use about four thousand coins for your promotion. You might have another promo or campaign planned for the next quarter. How about ordering your chocolate coins in bulk? You’ll save money on your promotions and only have to deal with one shipment. Our coins can last for as long as eight months to a year.


The Convenience of Online Shopping


When you order from Chocolate Coinz you can take care of everything over the World Wide Web. Check out all of our great selections including personalized and ready to go chocolate coins. There is no need to leave your home or office.


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