Why Did Cadbury Quit Making Chocolate Candy Coins?

In late 2014, chocolate maker Cadbury decided to stop making chocolate candy coins. But fear not chocolate coin lovers, all is not lost. In fact, chocolate coins are still as good as ever and are excellent for parties, events, and promotions. Here is why the chocolate giant chose to discontinue the coins and why there are no reasons to be concerned.


According to The Telegraph publication, Cadbury is now owned by Kraft and the company announced they were discontinuing their coins due to increased competition from cheaper selections. In other words, they felt too many people were buying cheap chocolate coins from department stores or grocery stores and they could no longer compete. However, a company spokesperson described the concept of a chocolate coin encased in gold foil as “fiddly”. Fiddly means difficult to use or awkward. Yet, this opinion is not shared among suppliers of chocolate candy coins, like Chocolate Coinz.


Many people were devastated by the news of the discontinued coins. In fact, this put a damper on many Christmas celebrations, as chocolate coins are a favored stocking stuffer. You could buy the inexpensive coins with cheap chocolate if you like. However, if you have ever tasted cheap chocolate, you know it is not worth it, especially when you can get fine Belgian chocolate at affordable prices.


A Multitude of Choices


It’s possible to have an excellent Christmas this year and there is no reason to forgo the tradition of stuffing stockings with delicious chocolate candy coins. In fact, these coins are perfect for holiday promotions. For instance, financial business can give away chocolate coins and there is no need to personalize them. This will save you even more money on your promotion, plus there is no waiting.


How about giving away gold dollars, which are actually chocolate candy coins? Perhaps you have a campaign promoting how inexpensive something is. You could use chocolate copper pennies. “Thank you” coins are another poplar selection and you can get them with gold or silver wrappings.


Special Promotions


Christmas time is not the only holiday you can promote. Chocolate Coinz provides affordably priced shamrock coins for St. Patrick’s Day and also Halloween chocolate coins. Do you wish to promote safety among your employees? How about passing out delicious chocolate candy coins with the words “think safety” printed on them? Casino poker chips are also very popular and when you order in bulk, you can save even more on some of the best chocolate coins.


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