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Chocolate Casino Chips (Bag of 320)

Our standard milk Chocolate Casino Chips come in assorted denominations and are made with 100% Belgian Chocolate. They are perfect for your Casino Party or Las Vegas Wedding! Price per bag of 320 is shown.

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Each Bag Contains 330 Coins

1-1 : $76.99

2-4 : $74.99

5-9 : $72.99

10+ : $69.99

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Chocolate Casino Chips Party Favors: Add sweetness to your parties with custom chocolate casino chips

Chocolate casino chips are novelty chips made of chocolate and covered with thin foils of different colors to replicate a real casino chip. All worthy celebrations deserve party favors and these are perfect for any Las Vegas or casino themed events.

These chocolate chips are also great favors for fundraising events or campaigns, game show themed parties, and poker tournaments. You will surely satisfy the cravings for sweets of your party visitors and tournament participants once you serve them with these delectable round treats.

The best tasting chocolate casino chips are made from 100 percent Belgian chocolate. Belgian chocolates are high quality and delicately processed products that have been regulated by law since 1884. To preserve its authenticity, the Belgian government imposed a 35% pure cocoa ingredient to it, prohibiting the use of vegetable-based fats in its manufacturing. Today, Belgian chocolate is one of the most highly exported consumer goods in the world.

This is the kind of chocolate chips we offer: made from 100% pure Belgian milk chocolate. We guarantee you that its taste will light up the mood of all your guests in each one of your gatherings. We will also wrap them with colorful foils embossed with assorted dollar denominations for a more realistic look and feel. The size of our products is one and a half inches in diameter, which is similar to actual casino chips.

For the best and most authentic Las Vegas party experience, you can opt to order custom chocolate casino chips. These personalized versions are made by adding your name, logo, photograph, or message to emboss or imprint it on the chocolate and the foil wrapper. You can be sure that the celebrators will by making their names stand out during the party.

These custom chocolate casino chips can also be used as corporate giveaways during company milestones and events, or as prizes for games you may want to organize to keep your employees motivated. Customized chocolate chips are great tools to use to promote your company’s brand and spread its awareness even to your customers and other stakeholders.

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